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The Obama Renaissance???

What does it mean for the world ( Canada in particular) now that Obama, the 1st “African-American” male, has been elected President in a majority government.

The world is about to undergo a great renaissance beginning in the USA. Great time to be alive and living in the USA – a future to look forward to will include major social and cultural changes to the whole multicultural melting pot that makes up the USA population. Then again, what about a President who is a well-educated “African-American” Muslim male figurehead? What is his agenda beyond the economical disaster that he is currently inheriting from the Bush administration? What does this mean for the population as a whole? What is going to be done with the middle-east crisis?

We can ask a lot of questions and point at the the many facets of depravation that exists and, which were allowed to breed within the ranks of the social structure – welfare, poverty, drugs, lack of social ethics, etc… I’m sure you can see the extent of the problems that need fixing. These problems exist even when the USA is experiencing economic boom.

The only major change that can be predicted will happen in the “African-American” sector – a change in the mind-set of an evolving cultural group that has been taught to live by other cultural standards. Perhaps now a part of the population mix can finally establish its own cultural identity and fit into the existing social structure of the general population.

And what about “socio-economic” changes…

We’ll see!

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Posted by on January 22, 2009 in Current Events


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