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Consists of original and re-posted articles and blogs from the web…thought-provoking subject matter that impacts the life and thinking of GuruDan (D.R. Ramsundar). Anything and everything that matters including life, death, politics, diversity, inclusion, people, animals, food,  power, freedom, religion, culture, lifestyle, health, fitness, reincarnation, justice, legal, taxation, government, corruption, positive and negative forces, professionalism, creative, ideation, etc… are addressed here…you get the picture… anything and everything that affects thinking and perception are scrutinized, analysed, written, published OR re-posted.

“I read somewhere that a person meets, on average, approximately 25000 people throughout a lifetime. I’ve met quite a few… I’ve never really counted…and I have yet to meet you. We have to connect first before we can do whatever…whenever…business…”

A graduate of McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, GuruDan (D.R. Ramsundar) majored in Strategic Marketing Management with minors in Business Management, and Computers & Systems with specific focus in Strategic Planning for small-to medium-sized businesses (SME/SMB).

GuruDan’s experience spans corporations like Standard Life, Telemedia (Toronto and New York City), Jaeger+Waldmann of Germany, Shaw Communications, International Yellow Pages of Texas, USA; DJR Communications, Kentucky Fried Chicken (Caribbean), Coca-Cola (Caribbean), Nissan (Caribbean), Banyan Ltd. (Caribbean), Prudential Insurance (Canada & USA), more…

He currently is:
(a)     a working partner and Marketing/Advertising Strategist of TAC Group Inc., which specializes in Strategic Planning, Marketing and Advertising Consulting, Corporate Communications and Multi-Media Production services to Small-to -Medium-sized Businesses (SME/SMB) throughout the Canada/USA/Caribbean region.
(b)   The owner and Diversity to Inclusion Strategist of Diversity2Inclusion Strategies, which provides strategies and solutions to effect change and acceptance of external stimuli affecting equality, productivity and efficiencies of the human resources factor of businesses, organizations, and associations. 

GuruDan considers himself a Middlepath thinker. Creative people are right-side thinkers. They are poets, artists, romantics caught up in a world of profits and commerce, and who deal in ideas and art. Left-side thinkers want the creative to make sense to them – to make profits.
Middlepath thinking is the bridge that connects the gap between the right-side and left-side thinkers – it is the secret of turning diversity to inclusion AND creative into profit. This is his area of expertise – his unique ability.

He has published and hosts several Blogs including:
1)      GuruDan’s Blog …walking the talk on the journey of life…diversity to inclusion…making our world a better place…for all!
2)      Strange Words – Poems and other thoughts: Exactly what it says…
)      Caribbean Entrepreneurs Association Worldwide: Informative articles and current news on doing business to, from and within the Caribbean region.
)      Ontario Insurance Network: Following the happenings in the insurance industry in Ontario.
)      TAC Tips – providing business tips and information for small-to-medium sized enterprises/businesses (SME/SMBs)

In addition GuruDan created, webmasters and manages several online networks including:
1)     Caribbean Entrepreneurs Association Worldwide (CEAW)
2)     Caribbean Entrepreneurs Association Online (CEAO) on Linkedin, Facebook, Xing and eCademy.
3)     Ontario Insurance Network (OIN) on Ning, Linkedin, and Facebook.
4)     Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA) on Meetup, Linkedin, Facebook Page and Twitter.
5)     SME / SMB Biz Network (SSBN)  on Linkedin and Facebook.
6)     SME / SMB Biz Network –Toronto (SSBN Toronto) on Meetup, Facebook Page and Twitter.
7)     Diversity2Inclusion on Linkedin

He is also the Webmaster/Social Media Manager for:
a)      Tramca Group Inc.
b)      CSR Insurance Broker
c)      Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA) 
d)      Diversity2Inclusion Strategies

He can be reached via email.


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